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Černoši/The Black People
Děti Volnosti/Children of Freedom
Štít a Kopí/Shield and Spear 
Thule Gesellschaft

Beats and Experience
Beats are awarded during play, and 5 beats = 1 experience. 1 additional beat may be earned between sessions for each contribution to the adventure log (max 1 per player). More detail on how beats are awarded can be found here.

Current Beats: 68 (13 experience)
Anton [0/3]:
Kamil [2/3]: Occult Specialty: Middle East (1), Status: Černoši (1) 
Judi [0/3]:
Estella [1/3]: Firearms (1+1)

Current Practical Beats: 63 (12 practical experience)
Anton [2/3]: Resources (1), Professional Training (1)
Kamil [2/3]: Elixir (2) 
Jud [1/3]: Rufús (1)
Estella [1/3]: Firearms (1+1)

Between sessions you may want your character to be engaged in some long term activity, such as conducting research, constructing something in their workshop, or managing a business empire. Typically these will be resolved as extended actions, with each roll taking one day (both in and out of game). Get in touch with me if there is something interesting you think your character might have been doing between sessions.

Main Page

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