Černoši/The Black People

  • A large gang made up of Middle Eastern, Balkan, and Soviet Union ethnic minority immigrants. Associated with the Orthodox and Muslim populations in the slums.
  • Referred to as "Černoši" (or "the black people") by the native population of the city, not only as an inaccurate reference to their wide range of skin colours, but also as a derogative term referring to their shady (often criminal) activities. 
  • Primarily involved in drug dealing, which they have pretty much cornered the market in.
  • The gang is quite loosely structured, with individual bosses responsible for small patches of territory, and typically served by a small group of gang-members sharing their ethnicity. The current overall boss is Bamir Nishani, a foul-mouthed Albanian man notorious for his short temper and indulgent tastes. Underneath him, and responsible for running day-to-day operations, are Kamil Issa and Çovka Borz, a mild-mannered Chechen migrant and reluctant Soviet war-hero. 

Bamir Nishani

Çovka Borz

Kamil Issa


Černoši/The Black People

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